Autumn 1 Week 3

Week 3 started with a trip to our fantastic castle.
It was great fun to explore the castle and learn all about its history.
The best part was dropping stones down the well to hear how deep it was and climbing the spiral staircase.
We have been introduce to Jigsaw Jack this week.
We shown great listening and concentration skills passing around his box of treasures to achieve the goal.
We then shared something we think we are good at and have achieved.
We took our maths outside while the sun was shining to create a big number line to 10 using numbers, words and objects.
After our visitors last week and the trip to the castle it has helped us create some amazing role play.
We've had fun using our small world castle, knights, horses and dragons to create stories.
But we particularly enjoyed getting outside to create our own costumes and castles using the large loose parts.
Everyone has worked super hard this week!
The stars of the week are:
Beth for trying hard with her reading.
Joshua for trying hard with maths.
Elliott for trying hard with his spellings.
Well done!