Autumn 1 Week 4

We started the week by cooking some Viking bread.
We had great fun working together and using lots of Maths skills to read and recognise numbers on the scales, as well as working out half of amounts and quartering the bread so we all had a piece to make a roll.
We even enjoyed taking on responsibilities and cleaning up the mess!
The rolls turned out well and smelt amazing!
Hopefully they tasted just as good!
We were all engaged in some fantastic role play!
We pretend to be viking soldiers, knights, horses, chariots and even spider man came along to save the day.
Lot's of great imagination and language used.
Everyone has worked super hard this week!
The stars of the week are:
Scarlett for trying her best at handwriting.
Marco for trying his best at maths.
Rowan for trying his best at phonics.
Well done!