Autumn 1 Week 5

We started this week off by creating our own simply map of Norham.
We worked together to add the river, road and key places of the village.
The children even added their own houses.
We found a toad outside the front of school.
Mrs Aitchison and the little Puffins recused it and took it over to the field so it could find a new home.
Rowan found and brought in a piece of pottery he found.
He was telling us all about it and what he thought it was.
We all had our own ides and questions as well.
We have still being role playing with the swords and shields.
We decided to add some patterns and paint the shields.
They look great now!
Mrs Aitchison brought in a ginormous marrow!
We used our hammers safely with the wood to split it and hammer in golf tee's.
Everyone has worked super hard this week!
The stars of the week are:
Joshua for trying his best at handwriting.
Beth for trying her best and writing CVC words.
Poppy for trying her best at her spellings.
Well done!