Autumn 1 Week 6

We started the week by exploring how to alter a textiles colour.
We gathered natural materials such as flowers, berries and leaves.
We safely used the hammers to extract the natural dyes and colours to alter our material.
We then decorated our pieces using glue, glitter and beads.
The year 1's have been exploring adjectives this week.
We all worked together to think and write lots of adjectives on the different parts of the castle.
We then used the adjectives to create some super sentences!
Even more active maths this week.
We were learning about ordinal numbers, so we completed different races.
And put ourselves in order to count.
As well as lots of playing and exploring.
We particularly liked catapulting the frogs and trying to catch them.
As well as lots of role play.
Everyone has worked super hard this week!
The stars of the week are:
Rowan for trying his best and writing a super sentence.
Jade for respecting everyone and sharing.
Georgia for trying her best with reading.
Well done!