Autumn 1 Week 7

Last week of term meant a week of Halloween fun!
We've had great fun exploring what's inside a pumpkin, scooping out, playing with and gathering the seeds.
We've also safely used hammers to hit in golf tees and attach elastic bands to create patterns and shapes.
We've created many stories in our role play using the hats, wands, fingers and cauldron.
As well as writing and drawing our own witches spells.
We finished off our fantastic topic 'Norham in the Past'.
We chose pieces of paper and weaved them under and over, again and again.
Then attached them to a stick to create our own coats or amour.
We then went outside and competed in mini tourney's (without the jousting).
We split into teams and raced with our flags.
We also used the scooters and bikes, since we can't ride a horse on the yard!
We finished the week by making some spooky jam tarts.
We used cutters to create the circular base, added jam and fruit then created a spooky face for the top.
We baked them in our little oven so we could clearly see them cooking.
Everyone tried them and said they tasted lovely!
Everyone has worked super hard this week!
The stars of the week are:
Poppy for trying her best and writing a super sentence.
Lachlan for trying his best at reading.
Lianna for trying her best and writing a super sentence.
Well done!