Autumn 2 Week 1

This term started with Becki visiting us from the Union Chain Bridge.
She explained all about the issues and erosion with the Chain Bridge and how it is undergoing a restoration.
We learnt all about the different parts of the bridge, their proper names and what material they are made from.
We then got hands on with the help of Lapwing's and had to identify, remove and replace the damaged parts of our lego bridges.
We investigated different bridges from around the world paying close attention to the construction.
As well as investigating different ways to fold, tear and use paper.
Because the next challenge Becki had for us was to build a bridge using only 6 sheets of paper, 2 cups, sellotape, glue and 4 elastic bands!
It was tricky, but we all managed to build a bridge. We even tested the bridges with a toy car.
We've also had great fun exploring colours and colour mixing.
We've painted our own masterpieces.
As well as using toilet roll tubes to create firework pictures.
After Becki started the bridge building, we've all been so excited to try our own ideas.
We've built bridges using our nice new book by following the instructions to create paper models.
As well as using the woodwork table to saw the wood pieces to size and then join them using nails or screws.
We have even had time to start our new display.
We created the pylons using cardboard and sponges to add a brick effect.
We used cardboard and paper to create the deck and rails.
And then we used paper to create the chains.
It looks great on the wall for everyone to see and add our work onto!
Everyone has worked super hard this week!
The stars of the week are:
Max, Lachlan and Summer.
All 3 children have made good choices by wanting to read at home and school.
Well done!