Autumn 2 Week 3

This week started with Topic learning all about the different bridge designs.
Did you know there are 7 different bridge designs.
Lots of us liked the cantilever bridge because it moves and cable-stayed bridge because it looks like cat ears.
We got to work trying to build the different designs.
Can you tell which bridge we've built in the pictures?
The little puffins enjoyed using Number Blocks, Blockzilla to help us compare our numbers.
We easily understood that Blockzilla likes to eat the bigger number.
This week is anti-bullying week and we learnt about how kind and unkind words can effect our feelings and emotions.
We all created our own puppet to help show emotions using a happy face and a sad/upset face.
As well as reading stories and discussing how to deal with unkind behaviour or bullying.
And lot's of fantastic writing from the older puffins!
We all created our own 5 part story.
We finished the week off wearing our uniform or our own clothes with yellow and spots to help promote BBC Children in Need.
We had great fun creating our Pudsey mask, biscuits and lots more.