Bonfires and Guy Fawkes

It was November 4th for this week's Wild Wednesday so of course we heard all about the story of The Gunpowder Plot of 1605. Mrs C told us all about Guy Fawkes and then we tried to bring the story alive by building a guy, making fireworks and shooting things into the air and finally making and eating a big pan of bonfire soup. We cooked it on our campfire and fried bangers to munch too. We collected money from our friends when we tried our skills with Penny for the Guy . Our Guy Fawkes kept falling out of the wheelbarrow !
Mrs Aitchison is really really good at making campfires so she decided to show us how we could build some too. We practised making the best shapes by piling pyramids of sticks then some of us searched for flame coloured leaves to add ....just like fire. Maybe next time we can light our own tiny fires .
We love learning outside. It keeps us healthy and active and gives us rosy cheeks. It's cold sometimes but we run around and wrap up warm too. Each week we check the weather and this week the thermometer told us it was less than 5 degrees centigrade when the morning began. Brrrrrrrr....  Miss Tait helped us build covers with the huge tarp and it it stayed up !