Dragon in a Wagon...The village of Ashby

This week we had been thrilled with our dragon visitor and decided to take the adventure further. We planned to create the village where the story took place many years ago and so built four strong and weatherproof structures for our village families to live it. 
The legend of Cold Ashby village was retold by Mrs C who said that once a group of wicked and cruel dragons had eaten all the sheep and cows and chickens and even people from the place then with their mighty breaths of fire had turned the village to ash. All that remained was the ash tree in the corner of the field. 
The villagers rebuilt their homes and vowed to always protect themselves with spears and keep fit and strong in case it should ever happen again.
They planted crops of vegetables and tended their sheep . They fished and hunted and scavanged for herbs and berries. 
Every year they held a feast with Dragon Stew to remind them to always be vigilant against dragons. They felt safe and thought it would never happen again.....
The villagers were trained in spear making and throwing to prepare them for battle against dragons
 They had to keep fit and agile in case they needed to run and hide or run and attack!
They were good bakers and bread makers and made a special dough for Dragon Bread. The farmers harvested their crops and dug up carrots, potatoes , onions and cabbage to make Dragon Stew . 
THEN.... one day the farmers said they were missing seven sheep because the difference between 32 and 25 is seven !! Some herb gatherers found some sheeps wool with blood on it. The woodcutters had found scratched and scorched timber. It could only mean one thing .... 
The Dragons had returned!!!!
The whole village set off to hunt for the dragon who had taken the sheep .The villagers with the spears went to the front and the rest of them stayed at a safe distance They heard a noise from afar . It was a moaning sound. They crept up. Some braver villagers went to poke about with their spears and then they saw it.
A dragon and she was injured. They put her in the village wagon A Dragon in a Wagon .... and led her to the village but she kept trying to tell them something. She could understand their language and soon with lots of nods and shakes they realised she had lost her egg.
They looked for it and found it and then the dragon was happier.They took her to their village and put some herbs and potion on her wound to make her better. In no time at all she was healthier and stayed to light the fire for the Dragon Stew.
She told them that she had been injured by a much bigger and stronger and nastier Dragon and that the village of Ashby must beware. Their Dragon problem was only just beginning again.....
Another great adventure on our Wild Wednesday and plenty to draw and write about too today we think !