Easter Eggstravaganza

Our Wild Wednesday for the end of term was an Easter Egg day . We had fun and games and challenges to keep us busy and thinking and warm ! It was only 10 degrees with a North East wind so it was a bit chilly . Mrs Fish our school cook boiled us eggs and we were given one each to take care of all day long. It was pretty tricky we can tell you. Mrs C kept trying to steal our eggs when we weren't watching so we had to keep a close eye on them. Lots if us broke the shells so we had to eat them but a few of us managed to keep them intact ! 
Challenge one with Miss S. Can we build human size nests to fit our whole team in ??
Challenge Two with Mrs A. Can we raise a raw egg into the air and drop it without it smashing?After a few fails we finally managed to pad it well enough to cushion the blow 
Challenge Three. Can we hunt for chocolate eggs ?
Challenge Four with Mrs C. How high can we raise a giant egg into the air and not have the structure crash ? 
Challenge Six. Our hard boiled egg obstacle course race with our new Tesco spares put to good use .
We love being out in the fresh air. It's always a time to get rosy cheeks and muddy boots. This week we had plenty chocolate around our mouths too.