This wild Wednesday was all about Halloween!
We started the morning by getting into teams, racing to get everything needed to be a wizard or witch.
We had to find and collect a broom stick, wand, spooky pet, cloak, hat and potion.
We then dressed someone in our team and raced to the end.
The children showed great communication and team skills!
Our second activity was a pumpkin obstacle course!
We had great fun completing the obstacle course while carrying the pumpkin (or ball).
The children showed great perseverance!
We then had a competition as to who could roll the pumpkin (or ball) the furthest.
We all kept trying and managing further each time.
Lochlin and Noah were the best pumpkins rollers!
We then finished the morning by playing rob the nest, conker style.
Mrs Aitchison painted a white conker which was worth 10 points!
The children frantically gathered conkers, while chasing the white conker.
We then counted them up to find which team won. 
Lot's of us tried to get the fire started with Mrs Aitchison's help.
Eventually Lucia successfully managed to get a spark and flame.
It's trickier than it looks!
In the afternoon we used hotdogs and pastry to make severed fingers!
Once cooked we added some blood (tomato sauce).
They tasted amazing!
We then scooped out the battered pumpkins.
Created a design on the front and Miss Swallow carved them.
They look great sat in front of school!