Jack and Jill morning

Puffins and Nursery children spent a morning singing the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill went up the hill. They then had some fetch a pail of water team challenges and got very wet but they did get good at filling their huge buckets after a few practice runs. 
They decided to investigate how to look after Jack when he had tumbled down the hill and became brilliant first aiders with bandages. They bandaged everything they could find !
Carrying an injured person like Jack was very exciting but with some trusty tarps and a soft grassy field our youngest children showed everyone how they could be trusted to help others out. There was a little bit of lifting and lots of dragging we thought everyone was delighted with the careful efforts. 
We are trying hard to fill our compost bins and they smell wonderful !
It was Mrs Fish's birthday so we tricked her to coming over to our log circle to surprise her with some cards and flowers and yummy chocolates .