Jack and the Beanstalk activities and a lesson in Honeybees

We had such an exhausting day climbing beanstalks, running away from giants and hunting for golden eggs and magic chickens. We will let the photos tell their own story but we can assure you by hometime we were all completely zonked!  Heather came from the Chainbridge Honey Farm to fill  us in with some extra knowledge about bees and pollination and of course how delicious honey is.
It was good to relax for a while on our logs and listen to what she had to teach us. Plenty questions and did you know that dogs with dark fur are more likely to be stung by a bee because maybe the bees think it might be a bear!??? 
We played the chicken game twice and have figured out the best way to get more points when we add the scores up now.
Mrs C checked that we all knew the correct procedure for planting beans and we took magic germinating beans home to wait for a beanstalk to grow with maybe our own magic golden egg laying chicken living at the top too. ( Or maybe even a scary, hungry giant...OOOeeerrr )