January Lockdown Wednesdays

Our Wednesdays have changed for the moment but some of us do get out in the school grounds to check the weather, find the wind direction, build some dens to shelter in and of course keep our fire building skills finely tuned. Here are a few photos from the last couple of afternoons we had after we had completed our inside classroom tasks. We are making sure our feathered friends are well fed so we made some seeded pine cone bird feeders and we used our fire starters to spark the flames for tiny fires which we used to melt chocolate biscuits. This week however, Mrs C brought in her firepit so Miss S was in charge of setting up a fry up cafe on the yard . We built huge tarp dens, furnished them and ate fried bread, sausages and of course scrambled eggs. Deeeeeelicious! 
We bought a couple of whittling knives and had a very safe and interesting time carving points and stripping bark from willow. We will post pictures of our future carvings. The knives are very simple to use and we are great at keeping them pointed downwards while we work. We plan to make spikes for marshmallow and sausage cooking and maybe some tiny elevs with pointy hats.
Making bird feeders by smearing peanut butter onto pine cones then rolling them in bird see and hanging them up.
Dens with tarps on the yard.