Jubilee Celebrations

Lots of preparation before the Queen's Jubilee party on Friday.
We started by making our own dye, of course it was red and blue.
We then used objects and elastic bands to twist and tie our piece of fabric.
Once it had been in the dye for a while, we got to wash it off and untie it all to reveal our wonderful patterns.
Next we all worked together to make some cakes.
Lapwings were great at reading the instructions and helping the Puffins.
We then made our own icing, in 3 different colours to create the Union Jack Flag.
The children were very proud of their cupcakes!
And of course we all made our own crown.
Mr Watkins also brought 2 special visitors to see us all...
Sadly it was not the Queen and her corgis.
It was just as good, it was 2 very cute and fluffy puppies.
Finally we celebrated the Queen's 70th Jubilee with a field party and afternoon tea.
It was a fantastic afternoon.
Thank you to all the parents, family and friends who came to celebrate with us.