Kira Salak and the Wild Mountain Gorillas... in the Norham Mist !

We know so more about this amazing woman now.
Kira Salak is an American journalist and author who travelled and explored and put herself in great danger to try to fight for causes. She has played a part in helping people who were in slavery and she was also a fighter for the cause of the Mountain Gorillas in Africa.
She rowed a kayak down the 600 mile mighty River Niger and she even stayed in a village full of cannibals and witch doctors BUT she never gave up challenging herself.
Last week we tried our hands at orienteering to collect our passports. We located  captured the wild gorilla babies and tried to rescue them from the poachers. We escaped form the clutches of kidnappers in the dark and in the spider and leech ridden jungles and we also tried to find ways to camouflage ourselves using leaves and foliage . We made gorilla prints and learned a little about these beautiful but very endangered animals.
It rained ... very very heavily just like the rainstorms in the jungles maybe so we quickly had to put up shelters before our sandwiches got too wet. We succeeded and the sun came out at the end of our adventures so we all dried off.