Kiss the Ground Day

It was a pretty misty and chilly start this morning when we loaded the cart up for our Wild Wednesday and at only 2degrees centigrade we put our gloves on for moving the logs. We soon warmed up and learned about the theme of the day. Kiss the Ground Project. 
We now know that this involves learning to take better care of the soil and also to plant in it to help the health of the planet. If you want to find out more here's the link to the website 
We emptied an old and very full compost bin and spread the beautiful compost onto the soil in the front garden 
We made rot pots to take home they should help makes us compost heroes !
Naturally we played with mud 
We planted our annual sunflower seeds hopefully to grow for the competition in the summer 
Our giant tarp makes a great warming pad 
We carried out scientific experiments to learn about sediments and holding water. We decided that plant roots really helped hold the water in soil samples 
The best thing about Wild Wednesdays is that we all get to be together and that's pretty wonderful