Knots and weaving

As part of our Outdoor Learning we have decided to learn to tie and use knots well.  Mrs Aitchison is now an expert and she was brilliant at showing  Lapwings and Puffins the ropes (did you see what we did there ??) we all learned to tie Square or Reef knots , Cow hitches or Larkshead knots and a range of others too. We’ll use some of them in our tarp work building shelters and lashing sheets down. It’s been a fiddly task by we got so much satisfaction when the knots worked. 
Weaving Warriors. That’s what some of us were. We tackled willow weaving to make fish with Mrs C whose hair kept getting woven into our designs and Miss Swallow’s patience was tested with our weaving frames too. Lapwings made them to share during their quadrilateral lesson this morning. Can you spot the right angles?