Knots, Weaving and Suspension Bridges

We decided to refresh our knot tying skills to use for helping us with our engineering challenge today. Mrs A had a little workshop and her box of knot tying ropes and we found that we’d remembered most of them again!
Miss Swallow worked with us to put some weaving frames together and add some weft and warp with willow and grasses. They were very delicate and a bit wobbly if we’re honest. We have a huge weaving loom ready to take some strings as soon as we get a moment. 
Mrs C gave us an engineering challenge.  To construct a suspension bridge to run between the two big wooden frames we have. We know about needing pylons to take the cables and we knew we needed to make a bridge deck to span the long gap.  Thank goodness we had our enormous strong green tarp. We threaded rope through eyelets and with a bit of cunning folding we raised and suspended and deck. Lots of tension involved but the ropes held firm. Then all we needed to do was test it. 
We couldn’t put humans on our bridge until we’d tested it with non living loads so we tried heavier and heavier objects. A large stone the a plank then one of our logs. The bridge held. We needed a small human so we looked for a willing Puffin. She was VERY willing and walked across the bridge safely. We cheered then put Miss Swallow on too to test it. She wobbled but the bridge held. After that we figured it must pretty safe. Lots of us tested the amazing structure and even when it swayed in the wind,no one fell off and the bridge didn’t collapse. 
We learned many lessons today. You need knots to make a suspension bridge. You need knowledge to know how to make a bridge work well. You need a team of compassionate ,willing friends to help with holding and pulling and encouraging . Most importantly, you should try things even when you feel a bit of a wobble and who knows how happy new experiences  can make you.  Look at all the smiles and giggles on our wobbly bridge!