At Norham St Ceolwulf's C of E First School, we support children in developing mastery in maths.  We do this through the White Rose Maths scheme which allows children to develop fluency in key mathematical concepts and to develop reasoning and problem solving skills.
 In the Early Years, children begin by identifying numbers and shapes in the world around them as well as developing mathematical language such as big, small, large, on top of, behind etc.  They then progress to counting objects and recognising number to 20, adding and subtracting numbers, naming and describing shapes and measuring in different ways using non-standard units of measure.  Opportunities for mathematical development are embedded into daily activities. 
The knowledge and skills learnt in Early Years is built upon in Key Stage 1 and then Key Stage 2 with the introduction of more complex concepts such as multiplication and division, fractions and statistics. 
Below, you can find the overview for maths for each year group.