Nellie Bly challenges

We began the day learning a wee bit about the famous Nellie Bly who was a Victorian lady from USA and travelled around the world in less than the famous 80 days ! She must have been amazing we think .
Our Commando Joe missions took us all over the world as you will see. We also are American smores around the campfire but we managed to burn them however they were interestingly delicious 
Creating our Nellie Bly map of the world and learning about where places are. 
Helping to build the Eiffel Tower in Paris 
Carrying water across the desert dunes and mighty pyramids of Egypt in tiny bags 
Building two identical base camps at the foot of Mount Everest in a blizzard using only walkie talkies to communicate .
We threw ropes into the branches and as if by magic a tree swing appeared !
We burnt the s'mores but we managed to enjoy them in their own special way ..... the fire was very hot today 
At last we had the soil ready to plant our first crop of potatoes and while we were farming we unearthed some real treasure. We will investigate further. 
The treasure ! It's glass And as you can see it looks very old. 
We share our schooldays with all our friends and whatever our age we just love our outdoor learning. There's always something to wonder about.