Spring 1 Week 3

Another busy week with lots of work so it was great fun to have time trying ceilidh dancing with Mrs Grainger.
We've been practising 2 different dances ready for next Tuesday (Burns night) where we will be doing them again this time with our lovely white dresses and kilts on.
In Science we have been learning about the human body.
This week we investigated our 5 senses.
We closed our eyes to smell or taste different things, we all loved the chocolate buttons!
We used our hands to feel what Mrs Aitchison had hidden in each bag. Everyone was confused by the peg until Georgia guessed it!
And we listened carefully to guess which instrument was playing.
After a busy afternoon swimming we came back and enjoyed a music lesson with Mrs.C and the Lapwings.
We thoroughly enjoyed working with different instruments.
Each instrument had a different set of notes and words for us to learn and play.
This week we have been focusing on speech bubbles.
We practised writing speech bubbles for the penguin and boy out of 'Lost and Found'.
We then created our own character alongside the boy to create different speech bubbles.
We've kept our eyes peeled and identified lots of speech bubbles within different stories.
Everyone has worked super hard this week!
The stars of the week are:
Joshua for writing excellent speech bubbles.
Poppy for her excellent work in Maths with numbers to 20.
Beth for writing excellent speech bubbles.
Well done!