Summer 2 Week 7

Mama Mule joined us again this week to work with Reception and Year 1.
We started by cutting watermelon, strawberries and lemon into halves or quarters.
The fruit was added to the blender with ice and we made our own slush! It was yummy and helped to keep us cool.
We then used cream cheese, cream and chocolate spread to make a yummy dip.
Mrs Fish gave us some different fruit to dip in.
It was delicious!
We enjoy discovering and tasting different things. As well as exploring how things taste on their own compared to the finished dish.
Marty joined us on Tuesday to show case all his different circus skills.
He was magical!
We even got to use his equipment and test out our own circus skills.
We have some great ring masters in the making!
Last Wild Wednesday of the year and great weather for it.
We started the morning with a good sing around the log circle.
We then spent the morning outside exploring the animals, plants and even strawberries growing on the field. The strawberries were delicious!
We even painting our favourite plant or animal observation on the field. Lots of children painted the delicious strawberries or our lovely oak tree.
The afternoon was spent working in a team to build and test out a raft.
All of the rafts floated even when Nicole created waves!
We also used our fire and cooking skills.
We all made our own pizzas using cheese, pepperoni and smoked sausage, they were then cooked on the fire till the cheese was melted. They were delicious.
Mrs Aitchison also brought in some popcorn to cook on the fire and end a fantastic day outside!