Wild Wednesday started by exploring 2D shapes.
We named and described circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals, pentagons and hexagons.
We then used our wonderful field and natural resources to make our own 2D shapes.
The little puffins had great fun using the natural resources in their role play.
From flying on log helicopters to using planks of wood as a see saw!
They then got their fingers sticky and created a lovely 3D flower.
We then got hands on with plants for science.
We explored the mature runner bean plant and all chose our own pod to take.
We compared the length of the pods and created a line from tallest to shortest.
The best part was opening the pods to find the amazing pink and purple beans!
We predicted that the tallest pod would have the most beans and the smallest pod the least beans.
Our prediction were correct with only a couple people moving place in the line.