Rainbows and bonfires

It was sunny.  It rained. It was sunny and it rained again so when we saw the rainbow we weren’t surprised however look!!! It ended right over our lovely school. We all know Norham First School is full of gold too.  
After our morning of outdoor maths and science we settled down to share the story of poor old Guy Fawkes and the reasons for celebrating on November 5th with bonfires and fireworks . Mrs C and some splendid actors from Lapwings and Puffins told the tale of gunpowder treason and plot. It wasn’t a happy ending for Guy and his friends but the Houses of Parliament and King James survived. 
Mrs A helped us build a Guy so we could wheel it around begging for pennies for the Guy. We used golden leaves for pennies. The rain came again and his paper face dissolved but we made a new one with our poster of Guy Fawkes !
We need some new,y trained fire starters so Mrs A (who is the expert with sparkers) took a few children to train in the mysteries of sparking and making fires.  The wood was pretty damp by now but we did manage a few flames 
Miss S made some Stickman Guy Fawkes models and Mrs C gave some tips on laying a fire with a pyramid shape structure to protect flames from the breeze. We gathered sticks and practised then added red and orange leaves to  look like flames. Lots of us built dens to shelter in. The rain kept whooshing through and we had very wet knees and bottoms but as usual we had a great learning day.