Santa’s Sack Scavenger hunt and Christmas Sprouts Challenge

Today we expected a stormy day so we took our team building challenges into school and had enormous fun completing a scavenger hunt which put many of our skills to the test.  We collected items including Christmas 
Brussel Sprouts which had dropped out of Mrs Cs bag this morning. They were EVERYWHERE! We wrote and played music using crotchets,quavers and minims , wrote Christmas poems , read Christmas stories to each other and took digital photos to prove we were good at spotting things.  
We worked in mixed Lapwing and Puffin teams and shared the jobs out and our teachers were very impressed with our skills of delegating and working to our strengths. Cooperation and Compassion were our aims and we certainly showed both qualities with each other. The sacks were filled with our hard work and Brussels Sprouts but there  were so many of them all over the school. We think we’ll still be finding some at Easter. 
The sun came out so we took our challenges outside and worked as teams to build obstacle courses for reindeer. It was tricky to get each other over the courses because we were tied together just like Santa’s reindeer. 
Maths was put to good use when we collected decoration tags with numbers on for our reindeer belts.  We put numbers in order and then quickly found totals to see which team had the highest value. Tagtivate is great for reindeer decorating too. 
Mrs C dropped her Brussel Sprouts AGAIN all over the field so we had relays to find them and collect them for her. She’s very careless. Then Mrs A and Miss S were sneaky and threw them around again while our backs were turned and we practised our Christmas songs. Oh bother. By now we had some great strategies for collecting them up quickly.