Seed dispersal lesson

We’ve been intrigued with the way flowering plants make fruits and seeds and today we learned of the many ways seeds were dispersed. By wind, water, drop and roll, animal food and the most exciting method EXPLOSION! 

Yes you heard it correctly. Some seed pods actually explode and scatter their seeds far and wide to disperse them. Mrs C had heard of a really clever experiment to demonstrate this
We filled a ballon with seeds and inflated it. We then held the ballon high and squeezed it until it exploded and you can guess what happened next ..... The contents of our seed pods scattered all around. 
Himalayan Balsam seed pods just explode in your fingertips !
We have a plan to repeat this amazing demonstration and measure the scatter pattern of the seeds. Maybe it will prove how well some seeds are dispersed in this way.
We found some seed pods near the river which did precisely this and WOW they simply exploded in our hands and scattered their seeds along the bank side. How clever.  

We all tested our new knowledge in a quiz and while some of us enjoyed working in the sunshine on our table,others sneaked away into today’s den to work in secret. We all scored full marks though !