Soil Science and Burying a Time Capsule

Lapwings are in the middle of a Science topic investigating rocks and soils so  learned all about soil sample testing today. We gathered samples from a few places and even the farmer's field over the road.  We used vinegar and then bicarbonate of soda to test for acid and alkali soils. There was only one sample fizzed. The sample from the farmers field ! Oh dear.  
We tested for porosity and oh dear again the farmers field sample didn't have much porosity. In fact we ended up making clay pots with it. We reckoned it had a very high clay content so we hope the farmer knows it won't drain well 
We learned about the different layers in a soil section and so had to try to dig down to see what we could find. We thought about digging to the centre of the earth but thought it would take too long. We tried to dig as far down as we could. Maybe to the bedrock but even using Mr C's huge heavy post auger we hit lots of big rocks after 47cms we stopped .
Someone had a brilliant idea to place a time capsule of messages into the hole before we refilled it and so we all added a tiny letter and our names and buried a sealed jam jar in the deep hole. We filled it back up and did lots of jumping on the turf to tidy it up. 
Its away for someone else to dig up in the future !
The campfire was particularly cosy today as it was a bit chilly and we decided that calzone pizzas would be a good plan. There was lots and lots of stinky garlic too.
We found a new place to build a den and it was just massive. Unfortunately it was too low for the teachers to crawl into but they didn't seem to mind and kept the fire going ! 
We're all getting taller and bigger and stronger week by week and our log circle takes quite a bit of strength to move about but we all enjoy how special it is for our sitting, singing, meeting, using as tiny desks, jumping on, keeping us all counted and of course keeping us fit and well and smiling .