Springwatch and Dandelions

It was a chilly start with some ominous cumulonimbus clouds in the sky but we decided to set off early to start our Springwatch walk around the village. We all had a scavenger hunt sheet to help us search for things and we were off ..... lapwings and puffins helping each other out .
We headed down through the fields towards the Tweed River and found lots of evidence that Spring had well and truly sprung ! We saw flowers , nests , buds on trees and then along the river bank we spotted ducks , swans and even a young deer on the Scottish bank side . We sniffed Wild garlic too 
We headed south again up through the churchyard and took a moment to lie on the grass listening to the birdsong among the gravestones. It was so still and quiet. We thought we heard blackbirds and chaffinches and of course there were plenty wood pigeons cooing. We shaded under the old yew tree and spotted fresh animal burrows.  We were on a quest to find Dandelions so we set off again around the village to find plenty and said hello to some cattle and a tractor on our way back 
 Back to camp for a spot of lunch then we could look at the Dandelions and other Wild flowers we had collected..
 Mrs A helped us make fabulous dandelion crowns and some of us measured dandelion stalks in our challenge to find the longest. Mrs C thought she had won but someone beat her at the last moment ! We got on with our camp jobs such as watering the potato crops and of course digging for treasure. We found some too ! 
 Now down to the  serious business of making dandelion playdough. It was very straightforward and there's a link to the recipe  below if you'd like to try too 
We thought it might rain so some of us decided to build a den. Not much room in it but it was very strong !
Mrs A had a plan to cook dandelion fritters on the campfire so she did and we tried them.......
We love our big spaces to spread out in and even in the cold and the rain we always feel good inside when we are outside.