Summer 1 Week 3

Mama Mule joined us again at school.
This week she worked with the Nursery children.
They got very creative with beetroot, mozzarella, vegetables and garden herbs to make a tart (or pizza as they kept calling it).
They had great fun and even let the rest of the Puffins taste their creations, it was delicious!
We had a fantastic but very windy trip to the seaside.
We explored the pier, lighthouse, beach and part of the Lowry trail.
We took shelter from a little bit of rain in the hut and drew some fantastic pictures.
Have a look at our fantastic sketches!
Even Miss Buglass, Miss Tait and our wonderful bus driver Julie had a go at sketching.
Mr Skippy as we like to call him joined us this week.
He brought along his snake!
We practised jumping over his wiggly snake but it kept falling asleep so we had to shout and get it to wake up.
Then it all changed to an upside down rainbow for us to jump over.
And we even got to try jumping over the skipping rope 5 times in a row.