Summer 2 Week 1

First week back at school.
We have all enjoyed exploring the continuous provision.
Our favourite thing has been selecting, rotating and manipulating the different shapes to create our amazing tap-tap shape pictures and of course using the boat and rods to go finishing.
This term we are exploring printing.
We started by learning about and exploring the work of Andy Warhol.
We imitated Andy's print of the Queen by using a pencil and carving an outline into the styrofoam, we then rolled the printing ink on and used it as a stamp numerous times with different colours.
We then repeated this process but designed our own seaside image.
On Wednesday Northumberland Fire and Rescue joined us in school from Berwick Fire Station.
We leant what the fire service do and what equipment they use to keep themselves safe.
Harvey had a challenge to see if he could get the boots, leggings, jacket, gloves and helmet on before Liam.
We then went outside to explore what tools are on the fire engine and even got a turn to shoot the hose.
On Thursday we attended Children's Country Side Day.
It was a brilliant day and we learnt lots!
We got to see lots of animals up close including hounds, sheep, cows, calves, hens, chickens, fish and lots of small taxidermy wildlife.
We seen lots of different machinery and learnt what it does.
The combine harvester was very loud when the header was running.
We got to sit on one of the tractors and all 15 of us even managed to fit on the buggy!
We also met lots of different people who explained their job and answered all our amazing questions.
This years flag theme was 'climate change' so we decided to focus on 1 big factor that needs changed to help our planet... single use plastic.
We created our 'rubbish' flag by cutting and gluing similar coloured items to create an agricultural collage.
Our brilliant flag won 3rd place!