Summer 2 Week 2

We explored more printing techniques this week.
The children all came up with great ideas of objects that we could use to print with.
Lego, bubble wrap, bottle tops, cardboard, forks, brushes, polystyrene, sponges, foil and much more.
They all created a fantastic seaside print!
Father's Day cards this year involved the little Puffins getting messy using their fingerprints to decorate a poem.
While the older Puffins drew portraits of their dads, really focusing and discussing their dads features.
They did a brilliant job!
Patrick from the Tweed Foundation joined us in school this week to help us learn about fish and the River Tweed.
He helped us understand that a river starts up the hills, and explained that the river banks look like a 'U' then coming down to a 'V' and finishing at the river mouth with a 'T'.
We then used our knowledge to build a river in the sand and we even tested it with water.
We discovered with all this dry weather our pond water had evaporated!
We decided it need more water and came up with some ideas on how to do it.
We started by filling up buckets and carrying them across, this was hard work! So soon decided the hose would be better suited for the job.
Once the hose was out, we also had a quick run around with the sprinkler.