Summer 2 Week 4

We started the week by going along to the the Village hall.
We explore different artists work from the Water and Light art exhibition.
We all selected our favourite piece of art work.
We then went along to the Church.
And viewed our own art work for the exhibition.
The children loved seeing their own work on display.
We have continued exploring the characteristics of each country of the United Kingdom.
This week we explored different human physical features and landmarks.
Discussing what they are, if any of us have seen or been there and which country they are in.
We then used different materials and built some. They are fantastic mini models!
Patrick from the Tweed Foundation joined us for a third and final session this week.
He brought the river to us at school.
We had great fun exploring the 'river' and what life it holds.
We also learnt about the life cycle of a fish.