Tasty and healthy wraps

Lapwings are learning about food groups in their Science lessons so after some research and skill building they felt they could help plan a tasty snack for us all. They decided to make tortilla wraps with ham, cheddar cheese, onions, tomato and herb sauce and peppers. All pretty balanced they thought.  
Some of us got going on the preparation and had a clever time dividing the ingredients into four fold wraps. We popped them into pans and sent them over to the fire 
The fire was easy to get going today and we kept it low so it didn’t burn the tortillas. Snapping silver birch sticks was exhausting but worth the hard work. 
It was like a little production line and Mrs A with Miss S kept the fire going and kept the tortillas from burning. Well….they tried but a bit a burnt tortilla is pretty tasty too ! We played and built shelters and ate on the go when the snacks were cooked and then had a rest and some campfire songs while we filled our tums. 
We’ve been feeding the birds and today we spotted two Great tits swooping about in the oak trees so we filled their feeders again and let them return for their snacks too. Hanging feeders in the trees seems to do the trick but we put some seed and dried mealworms on a tray too. 
There’s always a lot to get up to and sometimes the quieter moments with old metal trays and mud are the most satisfying. 
Of course our day is never complete without tarp and rope construction. It wasn’t windy so no one had a battle with the blue tarps today. Plenty rope tying and helping our friends up a height .
A blue sky with no clouds in sight and the weather station said it was 7degrees C.  Perfect for a sense of Spring coming on our Wild Wednesday.