The Harvest Turnip

You may not realise how mathematical we are when we set up our log circle each Wednesday. First we figure out how many stumps we need by adding the numbers of children and adults present in each group. Then comes the clever bit. Some of us roll and carry the timbers to others who measure out the radius of the circle to tell us where each is placed. You see the distance from the centre of the circle to the circumference needs to be the same and we use our trusty plank of wood to make sure this happens. It’s remarkable and it reminds us of a clock face or the spokes on a wheel. Our circle is now almost perfect.
 Mrs Aitchison struggled in to school carrying this enormous vegetable today for our Harvest Afternoon.  We had suggestions that it was a huge cucumber or a courgette and someone suggested a turnip but no.... a clever Lapwing recognised it to be a huge marrow. We passed it around to estimate how heavy it was in kilograms. We thought about 5kg. Someone dropped it and the end fell off but look what we found inside. Squidgy fleshy vegetable mush and some seeds. Maybe we can dry some to plant next year. 
Our oldest children made Harvest Vegetable soup and although we went through one or two plasters for our fingers, they finally cut up enough onions, carrots, peppers , potatoes and parsnips to fill a big pan. We had some carrot munching as a reward and we added some of Mrs Cs secret flavouring before we cooked it for our feast. 
Now what to do while the soup stewed? We had decided that our tool handling skills were a bit rusty so out came the hammers and nails and we had a hammering workshop to practise hitting nails with no banged thumbs and tried to get the nails in straight. Not as easy as it looks. We have some good ideas for construction projects after half term so we need to be pretty skilled.
We had some new whittling knives to try out and the willow is just right at the moment so some of us sat and whittled spears and bread making sticks. It’s just like sharpening a HUGE pencil. 
In the afternoon we sat to worship God and thank Him for the world’s harvests. We wrote prayers and read them out. We asked for his love for those who don’t have enough to eat we asked him to take care of the drivers who travel around on the roads delivering food to our shops. We thanked him for our school cook and for all those who prepare meals for us too. Our song was a new one called Only One World and we also sang Oats and Beans and Barley Grow. We finished the prayers with our favourite Our God is a Great Big God. 

Then.... Puffins helped retell the story of The Enormous Turnip. We think it’s a story to remind us that however small our part is in a team effort , it’s still an important part. 

At the end of the afternoon we sat around the fire to cook bread on our sticks.  The dough was very sticky but it worked well and the soup was ready so we feasted til our tummies well full . Our Harvest Celebration was a smoky, delicious time and we are always happy  that we can share food together like this.