The Science of seeds

So......we learned so much about pollination before the summer and now as the autumn is approaching we are learning all about the next stage in the lifecycle of flowering plants. Fruits and seeds and seed dispersal. We found loads of great examples today in the school field and gardens and up the track. Here are a few :
Sunflower seeds, hawthorn berries and beautiful rose hips, rose bay willow herb and thistle and of course dandelion seeds and our favourite brambles and elderberries. We also found some fallen pears but the seeds were so tiny we couldn’t find them ,
We talked about how seeds were dispersed in nature and looked for seeds in bird poo too! We then had a great time helping some seeds on their way by opening the flower heads and fruits and scattering seeds around. 
Next plan, investigate the way seeds are designed to be easily dispersed bu their shape and their attachments.