Turner Art by the Tweed

We set off after lunch. Our mission was to find the very spot that Turner might have sat to paint his famous watercolour of Norham Castle. Well we found Turners View along the banks of the Tweed River and what an amazing time we had 
We decided to load up our trusty wagon with paints, paper and tarps and two trusty friends dragged it for us. We passed  lots of signs of autumn on the way too.
We sent Miss Swallow into the Tweed to get some of its famous water to use for our own watercolours because she had the tallest wellies and she’s not afraid of swans !
On and on we travelled with Mrs Aitchison in the lead and she’s a very fast walker but finally we reached our destination. Turners’s View and the sight of Norham Castle in the east. 
We laid out the tarps and settled down to paint. We dipped our brushes in Tweed water and looked at the castle in the distance. We mixed our watercolours and tried to represent what we saw. It was so peaceful. We could have stayed longer.
We think Mr Turner was a very creative and skilled artist but we also think we have some very creative friends in our school too. Our watercolours dried in the autumn sunshine and we headed off back to school, delighted with our afternoon.