Autumn 1 Week 4

Another fun filled busy week at school!
We have spent lots of time outside while the weather has been nice. We have built houses, counted objects, wrote numbers and spent time playing with each other.
We also went onto the field and completed a pond dip to see what animals lived in our pond. We had great fun scooping with the net then tipping into our trays for us to observe.
Lots of great phonics this week involving playing hop scotch with our new words (Year 1) or jumping to sound and blend (Reception).
We also complete our happiness flower this week in Fun Friends. We discussed what makes us happy and drew a picture on our own lead to show this. Can you guess which one is your child's or can your child find their leaf in the picture?
In Puffin class we all earn points on School360.
We earn points for everything such as; helping, being kind to each other, saying please and thank you, trying new things, trying our best, helping to tidy up, reading or completing a little task.
Every Friday the person with the most points gets to pick a prize from the prize box!
This weeks top point earner is Poppy and Harry!
Well done!