Autumn 1 Week 5

Another busy week!
We are having great fun with Monster Phonics. Reception are learning sounds as well as learning how to write each letter. As you can see we are getting very good at writing! Year 1's had great fun making words using the selected sounds with magnets and play dough.
We love story time at school, Janet reads us a story every Monday and Friday over zoom. This week Jessie even read the class a story of her choice, Well done Jessie!
Lot's of time spent outside while the weather was nice!
In fun friends we created our class rainbow as; Each child can be a rainbow for everyone around them. When we are happy, we make other people around us happy to!
In Puffin class we all earn points on School360.
We earn points for everything such as; helping, being kind to each other, saying please and thank you, trying new things, trying our best, helping to tidy up, reading or completing a little task.
Every Friday the person with the most points gets to pick a prize from the prize box!
This weeks top point earner is Jessie and Lianna!
Well done!