Autumn 2 Week 4

Lot's of role playing this week.
Puffins love playing in the hospital area role playing nurses and doctors.
Lot's of imaginative play building den's and cages to try and capture the Loch Ness Monster.
They even created their own nests with eggs, however someone kept pinching the eggs, which resulted in a great game for all the Puffins.
This week we learnt about Hanukkah.
We discussed the meaning behind and festival and how it is celebrated.
The older Puffins created a word bank (with the help of Miss Tait) in order to create their own acrostic poem.
The little Puffins got messy by painting their hands to create their own Menorah, showing the 8 candles (9th candle is for lighting the rest) for the 8 days the lamp stayed alight.
In Puffin class we all earn points on School360.
We earn points for everything such as; helping, being kind to each other, saying please and thank you, trying new things, trying our best, helping to tidy up, reading or completing a little task.
Every Friday the person with the most points gets to pick a prize from the prize box!
This weeks top point earner is Max!
Well done!