Autumn 2 Week 5

This week started with decorating the classroom ready for Christmas!
All the children had great fun making snowflakes, paper chains, hand print wreath and decorating the tree.
On Tuesday we all arrived at school to find out the chairs had QUIT!
We read the letter they sent us, saying how unhappy they were! So we decided to write a letter back to them! We all had great fun deciding where to write out letters since we couldn't use the chairs.
Thankfully chair HQ phoned Miss Buglass to say they were impressed with our letters and to tell Miss Tait to unwrap the chairs.
Maths this week has involved lots of comparing numbers.
The older Puffins went outside to create number lines and compare using more than, less than and equals to symbols.
The little Puffins created their own Blockzilla! They then fed him some blocks, making sure to put the bigger number at his mouth. We also practised writing the numbers with Miss Tait's help.
In Puffin class we all earn points on School360.
We earn points for everything such as; helping, being kind to each other, saying please and thank you, trying new things, trying our best, helping to tidy up, reading or completing a little task.
Every Friday the person with the most points gets to pick a prize from the prize box!
This weeks top point earner is Scarlett and Gracie!
Well done!