Bonkers about Conkers

This week we decided to collect as many conkers as we could and we found hundreds before the squirrels found them.... don't worry we put them back for our furry friends once we had finished using them.
We learned how to use a set of kitchen scales to weigh acorns, conkers and small rocks and as you will guess we are now pretty good at estimating the mass/ weight of a heavy object in kgs.
We thought we would find ways to propel conkers ....and anything else for that using catapults. We made some small ones with Miss Tait then we tried to make conkers fly further using a huge catapult see saw and a big jump. We measured and found winning distances .
We took ourselves out of the field and headed for the river and Norham Church where w thought there were more conker trees. It was a long way but we saw so many signs of autumn on the way.
Well.... we have learned that we must build our shelters as quickly as we can on Wednesdays . Sometimes we can get very wet very suddenly if the rain starts !
We had a busy day. Here are some of the things we got up to .