Commando Joe meets Steve Backshall

We  decided to use some Commando Joe plans for our learning outside this Wednesday and we had a great time finding out about Steve Backshall . He is a wildlife warrior and travels around the world saving endangered animals and filming animals in their habits for his BBC programme Deadly 60 so we can all learn with him.
As usual we all needed warming up by rolling our log seats to their places in our circle . We then sang a few songs and danced up and down on our timbers ! Mrs C got lots of phone calls from people who had found animals in danger or stuck in some way. We split into groups and sprang to the rescue of.....
A young humpback whale which had grounded on a beach
A nest of Siamese crocodile eggs which were being stolen and eaten by poisonous snakes
An injured koala stuck up a eucalyptus tree.... it was very angry and frightened.....
We also had a call from the BBC to check if we knew how to pack sensibly for our trips to help Steve so we had some training with Mrs A in rucksack packing and carrying for a jungle expedition.
Here we are saving the young humpback whale. We needed to carefully transport it back to the sea and make sure it was hydrated from our water carriers.
We had to try to get the angry, injured koala down from the tree. It was stuck and it was quite high up. We needed to have a container and medicine and food and even water ready for it. We needed to make sure we caught it when we poked it off the branch in a tarp. It was trying to bite us but we were ok. After we tended its wounds we then had to try to return it to the tree. That was very tricky !
We found the eggs from the rare Siamese crocodile and saved them! Each colour gave us a score do we used some maths skills to total and win .
Learning with Mrs A how to pack and carry a huge rucksack. We didn't need the lego or the plugs !
We knew it was forecast to rain so we put some dens up. They're always tiring to build so we like a little nap when we get them sorted !
We always try to get our fires lit and cook some grub too.