Dendrology and Dens

Did you know that dendrology is the study of trees? Well it is and we managed to learn lots about these amazing giant plants today. We discovered that we have oaks, elms, rowans, willows, cherries and pear trees in our field and we collected information and did some drawings for our journals to help us remember. 
Mrs Aitchison had a nifty trick with elder branches to make beads so we put our measuring and sawing skills to the test to make bracelets 
Miss Swallow had seen a great caterpillar craft with dried oak leaves and we compared the lengths of the ones we all made. 
Miss Tait joined us today and was the measuring teacher who had us all looking for the longest sticks we could find for our afternoon den building challenge. She used rulers, and metre sticks and we found out how to use the correct equipment and the correct units of measurement. Some of us thought really hard and tackled some clever questions and challenges.
Mrs C helped us learn about trees and we tried some bark rubbing and sketching but it was VERY windy so our sheets of paper kept blowing away.
We had a den building contest after lunch using hazel sticks and lashing, tripods and ridges and then settled down to cook sausages on sticks around the campfire. 
Another busy day of learning and the wind was from the North West so it was quite warm again.