Gruffaloes and Fires

Today was amazing. It began with a very red sky in the morning so we figured we were in for some bad weather, however until midday it was glorious. The weather station readings told us it was 13 degrees centigrade, with a warm south west wind and only 66% humidity. The sky was blue and it was breezy but pleasant. 
Miss Tait and her team put up the big tarp because we forecasted rain and it kept undoing itself. She's very patient. Puffins then had a morning , reading, hunting and creating The Gruffalo and they made some amazing log piles, holes and houses for snakes, foxes and mice....just like in the story.
Lapwings started their own fires. Yes they did! Tiny fires in their own fire places with enough heat to cook meatballs and fry pears. Everyone kept themselves and others very safe and we all agreed that the class were trustworthy and respectful of fire. They are planning a banquet for another cook out.
It rained and rained at 12 noon so we were all glad we had the big shelter to roll our logs under for lunch.
We then unpacked our new Commando Joe box and were challenged to a team build. It rained again but not to worry.... we had plenty to do to keep us warmed up and excited. We even had our usual sheltered area under the trees on the playground so we kept our bottoms dry !
Puffin Gruffalo Story.....
Lapwing cookery.......
It rained.....but we stayed dry.....
Commando Joe......our first look in the box !