Pocahontas Missions

Pocahontas was a real person who lived in the early 1600s in North America at a time when English settlers were travelling to her lands . Disney films have helped turn her story into an adventure we can all enjoy learning about too. She was the daughter of a Native Chief of the Powhaton tribe and saved the life of a Captain John Smith from the British settlers.
We listened to the story about her and carried out some Commando Joe Missions to bring the history to life and add to our skills of teamwork, resilience, planning and consideration of others.
Mission one. Family is important. Carry a baby from the tribe across obstacles while it is tied securely to your body.... just like Pocahontas would have done. Mrs A helped us build a strange and tricky course and we tried not to drop our tiny babies!
Mission two. Learn to ride wild horses.
Mission three. Always be ready to escape....even in the dark .
Mission four. Water is life. Try to get water to the village from the spring in the mountains using only carved out tree trunks from the mighty forests .
Rescue Pocahontas by following clues and tracks left by her captors and see if we pick up bits of her hair ribbon on the way too....she dropped it to help us find her.
It was a beautiful, sunny day so lighting the campfire was easier than on our rainy days. We made bread dough snakes by winding the stretchy dough around our marshmallow cooking sticks and baking them in the hot embers of our fire. Jam and sugar helped make them delicious .
We had lots of time to rest up between our adventures and munch on hot bread dough snakes from our campfire cooking. Just being in the open spaces of our school grounds makes us feel good. We get to play, learn, share, laugh and see what we can really do if we test our limits sometimes. Often we just " be " . 
Our brilliant Commando Joe Box helped our outdoor learning again. We love it ....even though it's almost as big as a car !