Remembrance Day

We spent time reflecting today . It was Wednesday 11th November and at 11 am we heard the church bell strike eleven times. The temperature was also 11 degrees centigrade. It was bright and warm.
We had some flat and round stones and decorated them with poppy images. They were later laid at the village memorial with the wool woven crosses some of us made too. We had a time of silence then we sang the song "Where have all the flowers gone ?" and after some prayers we took ourselves off to enjoy the autumn sunshine.
Last week we all got quite wet in the sudden downpour so we really needed to learn to build shelters to be more prepared. This week it was the turn of Puffins to learn how to make weatherproof places for a time when the rain would catch us out again. Miss Tait is a champion tarp shelter builder and Mrs C is good with tents so we all had plenty advice! It didn't rain.....but our shelters and dens were brilliant. We put loads of dry leaves in the big one you just like the hibernating hedgehogs we have learned about. Very cosy too.