Summer 1 Week 2

What lovely weather we have had this week! So we have taken lots of opportunities to spend time outside.
Lot's of role play being builders, police officers and the fire service.
We even used our knowledge in maths and phonics to say and squirt water at numbers or tricky words.
In design technology this week our brilliant book creation is a moving mechanism using levers.
We added our design to the pictures, carefully cut them out and used split pins to join the moving parts together.
During R.E. we learnt about the 6 days of creation and how Christians believe this to be the story of how Earth was created.
We added an action to each day to show and help us remember what Gob created, and of course we remember about the 7th day when everything was created so it was a day of rest.
Christians believe this to be the true story as we tend to work for 6 days and have 1 day off. Imagine if school was 6 days a week with only 1 day at home to rest, the children had very mixed opinions about this!
This weeks star of the week is Poppy!
Well done Poppy for your excellent reading skills during lessons.