Class 2 - Years 2-4

“As we are the oldest children in school we have lots of responsibilities, we help as part of the lunchtime crew and playground buddies, but most importantly we are the role models for everyone else in school. This means we have to work hard all the time to show how to use our Christian Core Values to make the most of our opportunities. Miss Murray is always doing something different in our class, so lessons are never boring.”

Key Stage 2  School Councillors

Who is in our class

Key Facts

  • 16 children.
  • 1 teacher and 1 teaching assistant
  • A focus on a skill based curriculum to develop the children’s knowledge  and skills.
  • Curriculum with clear focus on progress and knowledge sequence, so preparing them all for their next stage of education.
  • Outdoor learning and art is a focus of the curriculum in the class, as is inquiry based learning.
  • Additional provision for children with special needs.

Things we like to do

  • Helping the teachers make Norham a good school, such as Lunchtime crew and Playground buddies.
  • Outdoor learning, especially working with the younger children
  • Learning challenges, when we have to research topics to find an answer.
  • Helping the younger children as reading buddies.
  • We love to go on visits or have visitors come into school to teach us new things.
  • Using chromebooks and I-pads in lessons.
  • Our reading area in class and the books we can use to learn but also enjoy